Police File Whistleblower Lawsuit In Alleged $1.5M Textbook Theft Cover-Up

January 22, 2015

Police in Dallas are alleging a cover-up at CollinCollege concerning recent accusations of a textbook theft scheme. The police believe efforts were underway to steal $1.5 million worth of books and they are asking the three college officials named in the accusations to resign.

In August, the officers filed a whistleblower lawsuit claiming their schedules were changed and their work environment turned hostile after they made claims against the officials. The attorney representing the officers, Victoria Neave, stated in a recent press conference that the officers are taking action because they don’t believe tax payers should be on the hook for the $1.5 million. They also claim that information is being hidden from investigators and that the three officers involved were ordered by the college to top their investigation regarding the disappearance of the text books. At the time they were ordered to stop, the officers believe they had already uncovered evidence that high-ranking officials at the school were involved in the scheme.

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