Whistleblower Lawsuit Claims Startup NantHealth ‘Fraudulent’

February 9, 2015

NantHealth, owned by the world’s richest doctor Patric Soon-Shiong, is facing a lawsuit filed by former employees claiming the company is a fraud.

Nant claims to provide an opportunity unlike any other for cancer patients, blending advancements in technology, medical tracking, and other treatments intended to offer state-of-the-art care. Some claim the company is promising far more than it delivers.

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High Court Protects Federal Whistleblowers: Long-term Implications Ahead

February 3, 2015

Recent protections offered to those considered whistleblowers by the federal government and the court system are intended to encourage people to come forward when they have information about illegal activity or wrongdoing. Those who choose to speak out about information are rewarded with settlement money and assistance restoring their lives – specifically the ability to return to their jobs – following successful prosecution based on their reports.

The goal of the program is to encourage people who know of wrongdoing to come forward so the legal system can take action.

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