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Whistleblower Lawsuit Reveals Victim Confidentiality Issues in Police Department

The UCSB police department has come under fire for failing to protect the anonymity of victims and for making inappropriate comments.

A jury recently awarded a US Irvine neurosurgeon $2 million after he faced retaliation linked to a whistleblower lawsuit.


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Whistleblower Reports Refueling Misdeeds by Drivers

According to a whistleblower, Waymo drivers were refueling their vehicles without shutting off the engines. The company has changed its policy regarding the refueling of its vehicl...

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Town Manager Requesting Whistleblower Protection

Tom Class, retired head of the FBI in Dallas and town manager of Trophy Club, has claimed whistleblower status after speaking out concerning a conflict of interest regarding at lea...

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Whistleblower Fired by TSA Twice

A Transportation Security Administration agent has been fired twice after filing multiple reports of illegal activity and accusing other agents of acting in a manner that endangers...