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Our goal at WhistleBlowerInfo.com is to provide the public and our readers with the information needed to file a qui tam or whistleblower lawsuit against companies that commit fraud. Through this website, we hope to empower individuals to stand out against these companies and give them the confidence that comes with having a reliable legal team behind them.

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Our attorneys represent plaintiffs in personal injury claims, asbestos injury cases, mesothelioma injury cases, environmental, consumer fraud, qui tam, class action suits, mass tort litigation and commercial litigation. The firm has been in the forefront of developing creative theories of liability in the ever-changing litigation landscape.

At Seeger Weiss, we take pride in our track record of success in the courtroom. Providing ongoing support and legal representation for whistleblowers across the country, our attorneys have recovered millions of taxpayer dollars including one of the largest settlements for healthcare fraud ever, $3 billion paid by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The federal government pushes for whistleblowers’ assistance and has therefore enacted laws that protect them. These laws, including the False Claims Act, allow individuals with information regarding fraud to disclose this information to investigators and prosecutors on the government’s behalf. Should taxpayer dollars be recovered, the whistleblower may be entitled to a percentage of the recovery. Our attorneys have participated in numerous successful whistleblower cases, some of their recent successes include:

When filing a whistleblower claim, it is crucial to work with an experienced attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for the case. Our attorneys at Seeger Weiss have many years of combined experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare-related cases. Seeger Weiss has gained the respect of the government as our attorneys’ legal backgrounds include positions as federal and state prosecutors. Therefore, when a qui tam lawsuit is filed, the court is willing to listen.

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