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How Can Whistleblowers Help the Government Fight Fraud?

Fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year at every level of government. Fraud impacts Medicare and Medicaid, the Defense Department, IRS and others taking dollars out of those programs that otherwise would go to fund various services.

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Government Contractor Fraud

The U.S. Government spends trillions of dollars annually on contracts from organizations to supply the military and other agencies leaving room for fraud.

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Medical & Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare providers & pharmaceutical companies can engage in practices that mislead the government and endanger the well-being of the public.

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Types of Whistleblower Cases

There are many types of whistleblower cases, find out more below.

What is IRS/TAX Fraud?

Find out what is considered IRS and Tax Fraud.

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State False Claims Statutes

Find out your state false claims statutes.

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